My name is Mark and I’m a father, a son, a brother, a friend and a man.   But first, I’m human. As I launch this, let me acknowledge, I’m not perfect and neither is this blog. And it never will be. And nor will I. Pursuit of perfection is good sometimes but it can also kill progress. Besides, I’m done with waiting. We are both becoming the best versions of ourselves. And I’m excited about the journey. So if you see a missing link or a typo, you can judge me. That’s fine but let me know. Send me an email and I’ll fix it. Profoundly human is about being authentic in presenting your experiences. And using those experiences to help others in their journey and become better versions of themselves. I’ll share my photography and art to help create a space that is nice to stop by.   Also, I’ll throw in some photography tips when you add your name to our email list.

Maybe I’m wishing this was the blog I’d found when I was first in that dark place in my 20’s. Thank God I made out of my twenty somethings. Like many, I almost didn’t. That’s the good news. At 46, it feels like in many ways my life is just starting. That is also the good news.

I say I made it through because of the Grace of God.   I’m no longer consider myself a religious person. At some point in my faith journey I coined the term to describe myself as a “non-religous person of faith.” That’s the best way I can describe myself.

My favorite band, The legendary Roots Crew, capture a moment of desperation in their song Dear God 2.0:

Dear God

I’m trying hard to reach you

Dear God

I see Your face in all I do


It’s so hard to believe in

But God

I know You have your reasons

Uh huh

This blog is meant to promote wellness for the whole person by sharing my triumphs in moving through challenges and also surviving the failures. As I move through the tough moments of my divorce I am constantly reminded that life is beautiful. The smiles on my children’s faces are beyond delicious. It’s like the cherry on top of the cherry on top.

Today is veteran’s day, the day we honor those men and women who served in the armed forces. One thing that has helped me is gratitude. So, I will ask you, what three things are you grateful for today? And please call a Veteran today and let them know you are grateful for their service. Love + Peace + Blessings

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